About Drive On Podcast

The Drive On Podcast is hosted by Scott DeLuzio, an Army infantry veteran who served in Afghanistan in 2010. After that deployment, several individuals that Scott served with took their own lives. Scott realized that those individuals survived combat in an area where people wanted them to die, only to lose their lives when they come back home to a place where people wanted them to thrive.

Scott realized that this problem was widespread amongst the military community, and didn't want to wait around for another fellow veteran to take their own life. That was the spark that caused Drive On Podcast to come to life.

On the podcast, Scott talks to guests who share personal triumphs, life experiences, and emotional hardships while showing the path they used to overcome those experiences. Additionally, Scott talks to providers of services to veterans who offer alternatives to the traditional "talk therapy" and other treatments that may or may not work for everyone.

Scott DeLuzio Drive On Podcast Host

Why The Name Drive On Podcast?

Drive On is a phrase used in the military that refers to keeping going to complete a task or continuing despite hardship.

When we return from deployment, transition out of the military, experience combat, or lose a friend we all have our own hardships that we have to overcome.

There are other similar phrases that might be more popular in other branches of the military, such as carry on, hold fast, and others. Regardless of what term you might be most familiar with, the idea is the same. The podcast is designed to help those in the military community who are "stuck" or struggling in their own ways to find ways to keep going and continue on to live a better life.