A New Way To Help Military Marriages Survive

Chris Shaver A New Way To Help Military Marriages Survive
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A New Way To Help Military Marriages Survive

Veterans experience divorce at significantly higher rates than civilians. Often the challenge can be that people who serve get married young, leave home and come back a changed person – to find a changed spouse, too. While changes in your 20s are a natural part of maturing, they can trip you up and tear your relationship apart if you don’t get a handle on them. Chris Shaver, The Couples Whisperer, will reveal a fast and inexpensive way to find out who you both are – and give you a shot at a marriage that lasts.

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  1. Chris Shaver on 11 June 2022 at 09:03

    Scott Deluzio’s mission to help military and ex-military families by bringing them information to help all aspects of their life is wonderful. Drive On with Scott DeLuzio is a must listen if you or family members need resources to navigate the years in service or post service. On a personal note, I was really impressed with his interviewing style and willingness to go deep inside the topic of how couples can relate better and what challenges are unique to military couples.

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