Being Your Own Advocate And Other Lessons Learned From Depression

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Being Your Own Advocate And Other Lessons Learned From Depression

Important Please Read: The guest and host in this episode are not medical professionals, psychologists, counselors, therapists, or anything else remotely related to that. The story that you're going to hear is unique to the guest and her situation. What we discuss in the episode is not intended to be taken as medical advice. This episode may have some information that you can take away and speak to your doctor about. Any medical decisions you make should be under the direct supervision and direction of your doctor, and not because some podcast made it sound like a good idea.

Brooke Siem is unlike many of our guests in that she's not a veteran. However, her story is one that sounds all too familiar to many veterans.

Brooke's father passed away when she was 15.  She suffered from anxiety and depression after his passing. A child psychologist told her that there was little she could do for her besides prescribe medication. By age 18 she was on 6-7 pills per day. She remained on these drugs for about 15 years - half of her life at that point before realizing that the drugs weren't working.

What happened next completely changed her life, although it wasn't an easy road to travel down.

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