Confident Couples and Strong Relationships

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Confident Couples and Strong Relationships

Neither Bud or Sara are veterans, which might make them seem like an unlikely choice for a podcast whose audience is primarily veterans and those that support them. However, I recently came to learn a very interesting trend. The rate of divorce amongst actively serving military is on a whole lower than the general population with few exceptions. If you think about it, there are incentives that the military has to keep couples together. Pay incentives, housing options, and other similar incentives. But after separating from the military all that goes away, and with it divorce rates skyrocket.

That's why I asked Bud and Sara to be on the show. They're co-hosts of the Confident Couples podcast, which talks about the power of intentional relationships, and the practices they've developed to help build their relationship.

We talk about the three foundations of marriage, which they equate to a three legged stool. If you knock one of the legs out, the whole thing becomes uneven and can tip over.
  • Communication
  • Finances
  • Intimacy

They also talk about two intentional practices that they've instituted in their relationship.

  • "The Ritual", a daily communication process
  • Monthly life planning dinner

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