Finding Purpose Through Yoga And Music

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Finding Purpose Through Yoga And Music

Steve Alvarez served in the Connecticut Army National Guard and deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan during his military career.

After getting out and struggling with finding his place in the civilian world, he came to the conclusion that there is life outside of the military. At first, civilian life seemed wrong, but he came to realize that it wasn't wrong, just different from what he was used to.

Steve found various activities helped him readjust back into civilian life, including Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Yoga, and being the vocalist in a Melodic Metalcore band.

He also became the first Yoga instructor to go through his yoga school who used his Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits. In doing so, he helped pioneer a way for veterans to use their federal benefits going through to become yoga instructors. Practicing yoga and becoming an instructor helped not only physically, but also opened him up to become a more compassionate and positive thinker.

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