Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Corey Poirier Finding Your Life's Purpose Drive On Podcast
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Finding Your Life's Purpose

Author and speaker Corey Poirier discusses the importance of finding purpose and passion to address mental health issues. Corey shares his personal journey through mental health struggles, the moment that changed his life, and how he now helps others discover their own passions and purposes. With insights applicable to veterans, service members, and the broader community, Corey’s practical advice and inspirational story make this an episode you won’t want to miss. 00:00 Introduction
00:55 Introducing Corey Poirier
01:06 Corey’s Background and Journey
01:25 Mental Health Struggles and Overcoming Them
02:43 The Impact of Passion on Mental Health
07:07 Purpose and Passion in the Military Community
09:49 Helping Others Find Their Purpose
13:05 Finding Passion and Purpose
12:19 10,000 Hours to Mastery
28:30 Putting in the Work
09:47 Addressing Negativity
35:21 Steps to Finding Passion
44:20 Closing Thoughts and Resources

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