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I read Fortitude by Dan Crenshaw a few weeks ago, and it really resonated with what I've seen happening in America. I'd like to think that as veterans we are immune to some of the outrage culture that is talked about in the book, but unfortunately that's not really the case.

In this episode, I do a brief review of the book, and give examples of how to reframe your thinking so that you make the best of bad situations you may find yourself in. In the book, Dan Crenshaw makes mention of the Saturday Night Live joke that was made about him, and what his response was to it. The joke, and the rebuttal are below if you haven't seen them yet.

I also opened an invitation to Rep. Crenshaw to come on the show to discuss his book and his time in the Navy. You never get anything if you don't ask for it, right?

Links & Resources

  • Fortitude
  • Pete Davidson's "joke" about Dan Crenshaw:

  • Dan Crenshaw's SNL appearance:


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