Having an Operational Mindset

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Having an Operational Mindset

Jeff Banman is the host of the Mindset Radio podcast, and the founder of The Operational Mindset Foundation. Jeff is a former soldier and firefighter. His mission these days seems to be very similar to mine with this podcast, so I wanted to be sure I got him on the show to share his story.

I first heard about Jeff and some of the things he does through a former guest on this show, Dr. Sherry Walling who was on not too long ago back in episode 32 (see link below). She talked about Meditation at the Shooting Range in her podcast. When I heard about this, I thought Jeff would be a perfect guest on this show. Since listeners of this show are largely current and former military service members, we're all familiar with firearms, and if there's a way to work that in with mental health, then that's a win-win in my book.

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