Living a Successful and Formidable Life

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Living a Successful and Formidable Life

In this episode, we wrap up a three part series with guest Lyn Christian. We talk about being successful and how that looks different for everyone. Despite the definition of success being different, the path to becoming successful has a few things in common.

Lyn tells us there are six things people can do to help "tip the scale" in their favor to become successful:

  1. Don't cling to a goal
  2. Always keep learning
  3. Stay creative
  4. Have a good support network of mentors, coaches, peers, etc.
  5. Take risks
  6. Don't give up - persist

The definition of success might vary from one person to the next, but ultimately it means being true to ourselves and pursuing our full potential. Being formidable can be thought of as what makes someone a "badass" or what some people refer to as a "rockstar".


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