MANA House’s Fight Against Veteran Homelessness

Rachel Masch-Perez MANA House's Fight Against Veteran Homelessness Drive On Podcast
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MANA House's Fight Against Veteran Homelessness

In this episode, Rachel Masch-Perez, the Community Engagement Director at MANA House, dives deep into the critical issue of veteran homelessness. We explore the multifaceted challenges veterans face, including substance abuse, mental health issues, and the hurdles of reintegration into civilian life, contributing to homelessness. Rachel provides a behind-the-scenes look at how MANA House, a peer-run organization in Phoenix, Arizona, offers personalized resources, support, and advocacy to help homeless and formerly homeless veterans. This episode shines a light on essential assistance programs, the impact of community and belonging, and the broader social factors influencing veteran homelessness. Listeners will gain an understanding of the specialized support provided to veterans, the specific demographics at higher risk, and success stories from the community, emphasizing the importance of targeted assistance and the power of collaboration in addressing veteran homelessness.

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