Marine Corps Veteran On Not Being Afraid To Fail

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Marine Corps Veteran On Not Being Afraid To Fail

Tony Perez is the general manager and VP of the security product group at GoDaddy. Before that though, Tony did two tours in Iraq with the Marine Corps. After getting out of the Marines, Tony dipped his toe in the entrepreneurial waters.

He's downright drenched from those waters now!

The reason I wanted Tony on the show is because I knew some of his background and how successful he's been - I knew there was a story behind it all. Tony didn't disappoint.

Tony talks about an almost naive approach to business, and life in general, with his "how hard could it be" mindset. Yet even when things get tough, Tony talks about how he perseveres through those harder times.

This was a truly enjoyable episode to record, and I'm sure you'll enjoy listening to it!

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