Navigating Life as a Caregiver

Elisa Glass Navigating Life as a Caregiver Drive On Podcast
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Navigating Life as a Caregiver

This episode features a heartfelt conversation with Elisa Glass, a dedicated caregiver to her husband, a 100% disabled veteran, and an advocate for caregivers and individuals with rare autoimmune diseases. Elisa shares her challenging journey of resilience, strength, and dedication while navigating the unique hurdles of caregiving, managing her own rare autoimmune disease, and advocating for resources and support. The discussion covers the underestimated stress of caregiving, the importance of self-identification as a caregiver, valuable tips on self-care, and how to access helpful resources and programs, particularly through the VA. Elisa’s story highlights the power of a positive mindset, the necessity of community support, and offers inspiration and practical advice for caregivers facing similar situations.

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