Veterans Day

Guest: Scott DeLuzio

All about Veterans Day. In the COVID era, many schools are cancelling their traditional Veterans Day assemblies, so I thought I’d put together a little something that parents and teachers could use.

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Succeeding In A Post Military Career

Guest: Renita Kalhorn

The military instills many skills and attributes that can be utilized in your post military career. In this episode we explore some of those skills and how you can use them to your advantage.

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Operation Freelance

Guest: Laura Briggs

Laura Briggs talks to us about a great way for military spouses and veterans to start their own freelance careers through her nonprofit Operation Freelance.

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Burden of Command & Drive On Collaboration

Guest: Earl Breon

Earl Breon, a USMC veteran and host of the Burden of Command podcast joins me for a joint collaborative episode. Be sure to check his podcast out!

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The Catalyst

Guest: Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose talks to us about a rather unique approach that helps veterans learn to de-stress and be more present in the moment.

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Mental Resilience & Physical Fitness

Guest: Bradley Hecker

Bradley Hecker, a law enforcement officer and EMT talks to us about mental resilience and physical fitness.

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Rescue to Recovery

Guest: Tracey Brown

Tracey Brown, a Coast Guard veteran struggled with undiagnosed PTSD for several years before finally realizing she needed help.

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Vitanya Brain Performance

Guest: John Strickland

John Strickland is a 23 year Army veteran who served in Vietnam and later found himself suffering from PTSD. After discovering Vitanya Brain Performance Centers, John became a franchisee in order to help others increase their brain performance.

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