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From the episode: It’s funny how we sometimes expect that other people will know exactly what we’re thinking. We also assume that we know exactly what other people are thinking. Think about when you were in the military. Every aspect of a mission was communicated from the officers down to the lower enlisted. Everyone knew…

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Dealing With Civilian Pettiness

It seems like people complain about everything from getting a coffee order wrong to it being too hot or cold outside. While complaining about these things isn’t something new, it is something we often times see as an annoyance. But what if we reframed our thinking? What if we looked at these complaints as if…

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Preparing For A Civilian Career

When we get out of the military we aren’t always as prepared as we think we are for applying to a civilian job. In this episode we talk about: How to figure out what job you’d be good at. Where to get the skills or qualifications you might need for a new career. What employers…

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Intro to Drive On Podcast

Welcome to Episode 0 of the Drive On Podcast! In this episode, I will introduce myself and the show, discuss the types of content we’ll cover on the show and who this podcast is for. There are so many different topics that veterans struggle with, and I want to help out with as many of…

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