Reinventing Your Career Path

Drive On Podcast With Scott DeLuzio
Drive On Podcast
Reinventing Your Career Path

In this episode, Lyn walks us through how we can reinvent our career after the military. As veterans we know the struggles of reinventing our careers all too well. So it's important to have a roadmap to guide us through that transition.


Lyn's company Soul Salt has also offered a generous discount on their Be True course. Normally the course is offered at $199, but listeners of this podcast can get it for only $25*!

Click here to register for the course and use discount code DriveOn to receive the discounted price.

Soul Salt really wants to help out veterans, and I think this is a wonderful thing they are doing.

*A note from Soul SaltAt SoulSalt, we strive to keep our courses affordable, accessible and sustainable. If the cost of this course is restrictive, please drop us a line to explore other resources so that you may enjoy and take part of this opportunity.

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