Service and Compassion for Veterans

Kapri Willis Service and Compassion for Veterans Drive On Podcast
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Service and Compassion for Veterans

This episode features Kapri Willis, who shares her compelling journey from a challenging youth to serving as a Navy Corpsman and later founding Take Care of Our Vets. Willis opens up about the motivations behind her military service, her diverse experiences within the Navy, and how these shaped her commitment to aiding homeless veterans and their families. She provides insights into the challenges veterans face when transitioning to civilian life and discusses her efforts to improve the lives of homeless veterans through health and beauty initiatives. Additionally, the episode delves into broader issues surrounding homelessness, highlighting the importance of humanity and understanding in addressing this complex problem. 00:00 Introducing Kapri Willis
00:57 Journey to Service
08:50 Challenges of Transition
12:27 Addressing Veteran Homelessness
15:18 Humanity and Compassion
34:46 Is it Service Connected?: Marine vs Razor Wire

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