Serving Those Who Serve Through Care Packages

Meghan Richards Serving Those Who Serve Through Care Packages Drive On Podcast
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Serving Those Who Serve Through Care Packages

Megan Richards, an army combat veteran and the executive director of Packages from Home, joins us to discuss the substantial impact of care packages on military members stationed abroad and veterans in need. We talk about Megan’s personal journey from joining the army unexpectedly, facing the complexities of military life, and how her experiences shaped her role in providing morale-boosting support to the military community. The conversation highlights the evolution of Packages from Home, from its grassroots beginnings to its current outreach, fulfilling 50 requests daily from military members across 176 countries and supporting canines in service. Further, it explores volunteer opportunities with the organization, emphasizing its initiative beyond simple care packages to include support groups and events for veterans, showcasing the breadth of their commitment to the entire military community. This episode is a compelling listen for those interested in military advocacy, volunteerism, and the power of community in supporting our service members and veterans. 00:00 Empowering Through Care Packages
02:17 A Personal Journey in Service
07:31 Supporting the Military and Beyond
23:23 The Growth of Packages from Home

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