The Hidden Impacts of PTSD

Ruth Clare The Hidden Impacts of PTSD Drive On Podcast
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The Hidden Impacts of PTSD

In this episode, Ruth Clare, the author of the memoir 'Enemy' and a TEDx speaker, discusses the generational impacts of PTSD and shares valuable tools for recovery. Ruth's memoir explores her life as the child of a Vietnam veteran and the complex repercussions of war trauma on families. The conversation talks about coping strategies, parental challenges, and the importance of active involvement in healing. From identifying the fight-flight-freeze response to sharing actionable recovery tips, this episode is packed with insights beneficial for veterans, their families, and anyone impacted by PTSD.

00:00 Introduction to Ruth Clare
01:29 Living with a Parent with PTSD
16:21 Coping Strategies and Healing from Trauma
24:28 Nervous System and Trauma Response
42:45 Experiences and Reflections

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