When service members leave the military and become veterans, one of the things they often miss most is the camaraderie that they had with the people they served with.

These episodes of Drive On Podcast cover camaraderie for veterans and where you can find the same like-minded people that you served with.

A few quick ideas to find similar camaraderie as they had while serving in the military include:

  • Veteran organizations, such as VFW, American Legion, DAV, or others.
  • Volunteer at a local VA hospital.
  • Find groups of veterans who participate in an activity you enjoy doing.
  • Check out the episodes below for more inspiration!

Saving Lives Through Connection

Guest: Frank Larkin

Warrior Call connects veterans, healing invisible wounds and saving lives. Join Frank Larkin as he shares impactful stories of connection and hope.

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The Rifle: Uniting Voices of Service and Sacrifice

Guest: Andy Biggio

Andy Biggio uncovered WWII vets’ stories and helped them return to the European battlefields they fought on for closure & remembrance.

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Finding Purpose and Meaning in Post-Military Life

Guest: Scott DeLuzio

Providing advice and strategies for finding purpose and meaning in your civilian life after military service.

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Resources Available to Reserve and Guard Members

Guest: Jean Adam

Army Reservist, Jean Adam talks about the resources available to members of the Reserves and National Guard that many are unaware of.

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Your Story Isn’t Over

Guest: Mike Washington

Mike Washington is a suicide survivor, and now a licensed therapist who uses his experience to help others facing mental health struggles.

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How to De-Stress Your Life

Guest: Natalie Shand-Spellman

Natalie Spellman is a USMC veteran who dealt with a lot of stress during and after her time in Iraq. She shares strategies for other veterans to conquer their stress.

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Warrior Surf Foundation

Guest: Stephanie Dasher

Stephanie Dasher is a Navy veteran and the Executive Director of the Warrior Surf Foundation, which helps veterans heal through surf therapy.

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Veterans Beer Club

Guest: Phil Kendro

Phil Kendro is a Marine veteran who co-founded the Veterans Beer Club, which serves as a place for veterans to network in a fun way.

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