Coping Strategies

When service members leave the military and become veterans, they often times have difficulties. When they don’t know where to turn to identify the coping strategies that work best for them it can be a hopeless feeling. Some of these issues include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), homelessness, addiction, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and a variety of others.

These episodes of Drive On Podcast cover coping strategies for veterans. They aren’t your traditional “talk therapy” that many people think of.

If you, or someone you know, needs immediate assistance, please check out the resources for veterans page. There, we have a wide variety of options on an easy-to-navigate page.

Combat Veteran Finds Positive Path Out Of PTSD And Early Childhood Trauma

Guest: Clinton Dye

Clinton Dye discusses trauma and how he has been able to learn and grow from the traumas he experienced at an early age and in the military.

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Exploring the Cause and Treatment of Negative Thoughts

Guest: Dr. Betsy Holmberg

Dr. Betsy Holmberg is a psychologist, author and speaker, specializing in overthinking and negative self talk. She joins us to talk about where our negative thoughts come from, and revolutionary ways to stop them.

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Navy Veteran on Overcoming PTSD and Helping Fellow Vets

Guest: Daniel Mayberry

Daniel is a Navy veteran who has struggled with PTSD and started a podcast whose mission is to help other veterans in need.

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Your Story Isn’t Over

Guest: Mike Washington

Mike Washington is a suicide survivor, and now a licensed therapist who uses his experience to help others facing mental health struggles.

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Breaking Bad Habits

Guest: Dr. Noah St John

Dr. Noah St John talks about how using his Afformations method, we can work towards breaking bad habits and working towards a better future.

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Change Your Mindset Change Your Life

Guest: Nina Szewczak

Nina Szewczak shares her story of resilience and how she overcame personal setbacks. She shares her tips on how to live a more positive life.

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Tinnitus Relief with Melody Clouds

Guest: Wayne Altman

In this powerful episode, we speak with Wayne Altman, an Army veteran who founded Melody Clouds to help people suffering from tinnitus and other conditions.

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Project Refit

Guest: Daniel Lombard

Dan Lombard is an Army vet and co-founder of Project Refit, which is working to change the negative connotation around mental health support.

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