Missile Attacks, TBIs, and New Beginnings

Guest: Aaron Futrell

Army veteran Aaron Futrell discusses surviving a missile strike in Iraq, his TBI recovery, and the therapeutic power of the outdoors.

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Empowering Veterans Through Writing

Guest: Jeff Circle

Veteran and award-winning journalist, Jeff Circle, highlights his military journey, transition out of the army, and his mission to support and promote military writers through ‘The Writers Dossier’.

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Leadership and Military Family Support

Guest: Paul Vann

Paul Vann discusses his time in the Air Force, the challenges military families face, and the importance of family readiness programs.

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Damn the Valley – An Inside Look at the ‘Meat Grinder’ Deployment

Guest: William Yeske

William Yeske, Army veteran and author of ‘Damn the Valley’, discusses his book, which provides insights into his deployment to Afghanistan.

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Vietnam Combat: Firefights and Writing History

Guest: Robin Bartlett

Robin Bartlett, Vietnam veteran and author of Vietnam Combat Firefights and Writing History shares his experiences fighting in Vietnam.

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How Military Families Tackle Long-Distance Moves

Guest: Tiffany Klusacek & Ashlee Jankovich

Join us for a conversation with Tiffany Klusacek and Ashlee Jankovich, military spouses and real estate agents who specialize in assisting families with the challenges of military relocations. Discover how they make the process less stressful, from virtual home tours to community integration.

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Overcoming Challenges and Finding Purpose

Guest: Joe Malone

From a challenging youth to a decorated combat veteran, Joe Malone’s journey has led him to a life dedicated to helping others.

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Lessons from History Honoring Japanese American WWII Heroes

Guest: John Suzuki

Join John Suzuki as he explores the legacy of Japanese American soldiers and their unwavering spirit of valor and sacrifice.

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