Resources Available to Reserve and Guard Members

Guest: Jean Adam

Army Reservist, Jean Adam talks about the resources available to members of the Reserves and National Guard that many are unaware of.

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Project Refit

Guest: Daniel Lombard

Dan Lombard is an Army vet and co-founder of Project Refit, which is working to change the negative connotation around mental health support.

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Continuing to Serve After Medical Retirement

Guest: Alex Gonzales

Alex Gonzales is an Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and suffered a traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. Despite his struggles, he continues to serve his fellow veterans and use his experiences to help others.

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Gold Star Brother Remembering the Fallen

Guest: Thad Forester

Gold Star Brother, Thad Forester, discusses the loss of his brother, Mark, and how his family is continuing his legacy.

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How a Prepared Mind Can Help Minimize PTSD

Guest: Brian Slade

Brian Slade discusses a harrowing experience as an Apache pilot in Afghanistan and how his mental preparation helped avoid catastrophe.

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PACT Act and Veteran Legal Resources

Guest: Joanna Morales

Joanna Morales discusses the PACT Act and other legal resources available to veterans who have been diagnosed with cancer and other illnesses.

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How to Successfully Navigate Life After Deployment

Guest: Dominic "Slice" Teich

Dominic Teich, shares insights into what he refers to as the Single Seat Mindset and how he navigated his turbulent life after deployment.

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Ripple Effect of Helping People with Brass & Unity

Guest: Kelsi Sheren

Kelsi Sheren is the CEO of Brass & Unity and a strong supporter of military and mental health programs. In this episode, we chat about her time in the military, what caused her to transition out, and how she’s dealt with her own PTSD and TBI.

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