Empowering Veterans Through Writing

Guest: Jeff Circle

Veteran and award-winning journalist, Jeff Circle, highlights his military journey, transition out of the army, and his mission to support and promote military writers through ‘The Writers Dossier’.

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Pathway into Writing

Guest: Matt Scott

Author Matt Scott shares his journey from a corporate job to writing, discussing the process of writing and staying dedicated to the craft.

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Harnessing Special Effects Skills

Guest: Steve Wolf

Steve Wolf discusses using his Hollywood special effects expertise to create innovative technology for fighting wildfires efficiently.

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Veteran Champions and Military Ministry

Guest: Kathy Gallowitz

USAF veteran, Kathy Gallowitz, the founder of Vanguard Veteran, discusses the organization’s work to support veterans and their families.

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Coffee with a Purpose

Guest: Katie Preste

Navy veteran Katie Preste, the founder of Boots On Ground Coffee Co. shares her passion for coffee and dedication to veterans and how they have come together in a mission-driven business that’s making a difference.

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Changing the Landscape of Military Spouse Employment

Guest: Laura Early

Discover how WISE Advise + Assist Team is revolutionizing remote work for military spouses and veterans, creating opportunities where none existed before.

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Finding Meaningful Opportunities in the Trades

Guest: Michael Conner

Army veteran Michael Conner discusses the career opportunities available to veterans transitioning out of the military in the trades.

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Cyber Opportunities for Veterans

Guest: Steve Stratton

Discover how veterans can harness their unique skills to bridge the talent gap in the rapidly growing Cyber industry.

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