Veterans Have the Skills for Starting a Franchise Business

Guest: Stacey Marmolejo

Stacey Marmolejo is the founder and CEO of Franchise Prep Academy, which helps veterans evaluate if a franchise career is right for them.

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Bouncing Back After Transitioning Careers

Guest: Tiana Sanchez

Tiana Sanchez talks about how kickboxing and journaling helped her when she unexpectedly found herself facing a career transition.

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Veterans Beer Club

Guest: Phil Kendro

Phil Kendro is a Marine veteran who co-founded the Veterans Beer Club, which serves as a place for veterans to network in a fun way.

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Cranky Veteran Candles

Guest: Ryan & Deb Bruin

Ryan & Deb Bruin, owners of Cranky Veteran Candle Company join us to discuss the ups and downs that they experienced after Ryan left the military and how they started making candles.

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Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship After The Military

Guest: Dustin Hayes

Dustin Hayes, the owner of Red White and Badass Brew, discusses the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur after the military.

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WP Connects

Guest: Talisha Lewallen

Talisha Lewallen discusses how veterans and transitioning service members can get started in the WordPress industry through WP Connects.

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Successful Career Transition After The Military

Guest: Brandi Saunders

Brandi Saunders talks about her time in the Air Force, her deployments in support of OEF and OIF, and how she successfully transitioned into a new career after leaving the military.

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Burn Pit BBQ

Guest: Greg Fischer

Greg Fischer is a Marine combat veteran who currently runs Burn Pit BBQ, which was created to give new grillers and barbecuers a resource and place to go to learn the basics. In this episode we talk about his journey from joining the USMC to becoming an entrepreneur.

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