Physical Health’s Impact On Mental Health

Guest: Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark is an Air Force Veteran, host of the Course of Action podcast, and author of the new book Hear These Truths. In this episode, we discuss how his physical health impacted his mental health, and how unprepared he felt when transitioning out of the military.

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The Winners Paradigm

Guest: Alundas Havens

Alundas Havens hosts The Winners Paradigm Podcast, where he helps others learn what they can do to create daily habits that can help them achieve their goals. In this episode, we talk about some of the ways that we can work to better ourselves.

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Living A Free Life

Guest: Jay Ly

Jay Ly is the host of the Live Free Series, where he helps others eliminate the mindsets that hold them back from meeting their financial goals.

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Developing Grit

Guest: David Fivecoat

David Fivecoat spent 24 years in the Army including tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. He now runs The Fivecoat Consulting Group, which helps develop gritty leaders. In this episode, he discusses how to develop personal grit.

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The Morning Formation Crossover

Guest: KP Phillips

KP Phillips is an Army veteran and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He started The Morning Formation podcast out of his passion to help fellow veterans, military spouses, and future military generations with career transition and preparedness.

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Guest: Brett Currier

Brett Currier created an online talent marketplace, called VetGigs, that connects veterans with employers who are looking to hire them as skilled professional freelancers.

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The MisFitNation

Guest: Rich LaMonica

Rich LaMonica is a 22-year Army veteran. After retiring in 2015, he went through a year of self-reflection as he transitioned back to civilian life. Through this process, he learned many valuable lessons, which has fueled his drive to help other veterans as they work their way through the transition process.

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Veteran Product Marketplace Apex Gear

Guest: Drew Everett & Nick Wyatt

Drew Everett and Nick Wyatt started Apex Gear Company, which is a marketplace for veteran-owned companies. In this episode, they talk about the marketplace and veteran-owned businesses.

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