The Morning Formation Crossover

Guest: KP Phillips

KP Phillips is an Army veteran and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He started The Morning Formation podcast out of his passion to help fellow veterans, military spouses, and future military generations with career transition and preparedness.

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Guest: Brett Currier

Brett Currier created an online talent marketplace, called VetGigs, that connects veterans with employers who are looking to hire them as skilled professional freelancers.

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The MisFitNation

Guest: Rich LaMonica

Rich LaMonica is a 22-year Army veteran. After retiring in 2015, he went through a year of self-reflection as he transitioned back to civilian life. Through this process, he learned many valuable lessons, which has fueled his drive to help other veterans as they work their way through the transition process.

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Veteran Product Marketplace Apex Gear

Guest: Drew Everett & Nick Wyatt

Drew Everett and Nick Wyatt started Apex Gear Company, which is a marketplace for veteran-owned companies. In this episode, they talk about the marketplace and veteran-owned businesses.

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Connecting With Veterans

Guest: David Dezso

David Dezso is the founder and CEO of Banyan Risk Group. Prior to starting Banyan, he served 10 years as an Army Green Beret. David is here today to talk about his career in the military as well as what he’s done after leaving the military to help veterans.

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Battlefields To Ballfields

Guest: Mike Pereira

Mike Pereira is the founder of the non-profit Battlefields to Ballfields, which helps veterans integrate back into society by providing veterans with skills to officiate sporting events from the high school level all the way through to college and pro levels.

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Repurpose Yourself After The Military

Guest: Gerardo Cazares

Gerardo Cazares is an Army combat veteran who is now a full time artist in San Antonio, TX. After a few setbacks in his transition, he discovered painting, and talks about his message of finding a new mission.

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A Rocky Transition and Choosing to Change Course

Guest: John Rowley

John Rowley is one of the hosts of the Beyond The Barrel Podcast. The goal of his podcast is to highlight the paths taken by veterans to find success after their service.

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