Navigating Military and Civilian Commitments

Guest: Ian Murray

Ian Murray shares his remarkable story of how a miscommunication between his military duties and civilian job led to an unexpected series of events, including his arrest and subsequent investigation. We share valuable tips for other Reservists and National Guard members.

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Generation Z and Military Service

Guest: Matthew Weiss

Exploring the decline in military service interest among Generation Z with Matthew Weiss, author of “We Don’t Want You, Uncle Sam.”

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Navigating the Transition

Guest: Marty Strong

Marty Strong, a retired Navy SEAL officer shares how he successfully transitioned from the military to the business world and how you can too.

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From Service to Success: Inspiring Veterans

Guest: Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor, a retired Air Force major and author of “From Service to Success,” addresses the challenges veterans face when transitioning into civilian life.

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Triple Nikel: Empowering Veteran Style

Guest: Ruben Ayala

Join us as Ruben Ayala shares his inspiring journey as a veteran and his mission to empower fellow veterans.

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From the Battlefield to Hollywood

Guest: Mike Dowling

Mike Dowling is a USMC veteran who moved to Los Angeles to explore the entertainment industry. He also works as a veteran advocate.

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From Military to Marketable: B.R.A.N.D. Before Your Resume

Guest: Graciela Tiscareño-Sato

Discover how Graciela Tiscareño-Sato helps veterans transition into civilian life through personal branding on Drive On.

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From Navy to Tech Innovator

Guest: Terence Bennett

Terrence Bennett shares his inspiring journey from the Navy to becoming a tech innovator, transforming integration challenges along the way.

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