WP Connects

Guest: Talisha Lewallen

Talisha Lewallen discusses how veterans and transitioning service members can get started in the WordPress industry through WP Connects.

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Successful Career Transition After The Military

Guest: Brandi Saunders

Brandi Saunders talks about her time in the Air Force, her deployments in support of OEF and OIF, and how she successfully transitioned into a new career after leaving the military.

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Burn Pit BBQ

Guest: Greg Fischer

Greg Fischer is a Marine combat veteran who currently runs Burn Pit BBQ, which was created to give new grillers and barbecuers a resource and place to go to learn the basics. In this episode we talk about his journey from joining the USMC to becoming an entrepreneur.

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Military Transition Roundtable

Guest: Don Gleason

Don Gleason is an Air Force veteran Colonel who led units of over 1600 people and was responsible for projects as large as the $12.8 Billion Iraq reconstruction program. After getting out of the military he’s had a successful civilian career, and has since started a non-profit which helps military in transition.

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Shift 6 Connecting The Auto Industry With Veterans

Guest: Curtis Rutledge

Curtis Rutledge is an Army veteran and the creator of the non-profit Shift 6, whose mission is to bridge the auto industry with the veteran community by raising veteran awareness through the teaching of automotive and technical skills.

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Physical Health’s Impact On Mental Health

Guest: Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark is an Air Force Veteran, host of the Course of Action podcast, and author of the new book Hear These Truths. In this episode, we discuss how his physical health impacted his mental health, and how unprepared he felt when transitioning out of the military.

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The Winners Paradigm

Guest: Alundas Havens

Alundas Havens hosts The Winners Paradigm Podcast, where he helps others learn what they can do to create daily habits that can help them achieve their goals. In this episode, we talk about some of the ways that we can work to better ourselves.

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Living A Free Life

Guest: Jay Ly

Jay Ly is the host of the Live Free Series, where he helps others eliminate the mindsets that hold them back from meeting their financial goals.

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