Special Memorial Day Episode

Guest: Debbie Lee, Thad Forester, Tammy Pulaski, Tony Price

Learn about the real meaning behind Memorial Day and those we celebrate the day for.

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Gold Star Brother Remembering the Fallen

Guest: Thad Forester

Gold Star Brother, Thad Forester, discusses the loss of his brother, Mark, and how his family is continuing his legacy.

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Living the Hand You’re Dealt

Guest: Charles Smith

Charles Smith, an Army veteran, shares his traumatic childhood and how those experiences impacted him as an adult.

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Air Force Vet and Gold Star Wife Discusses Life After Loss

Guest: Natalee King

Natalee King discusses her time in the Air Force and how her husband died while serving in the Air Force and how that loss impacted her.

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Gold Star Ride Foundation

Guest: Anthony Price

Anthony is with the Gold Star Ride Foundation, whose mission it is to actively support, comfort, and do the work that our fallen heroes would do it they hadn’t fallen for all our freedom.

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Rediscovering Yourself After Loss

Guest: Dr. Sherry Walling

Dr. Sherry Walling discusses her new book Touching Two Worlds and how we can rediscover ourselves after losing a loved one.

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The Secrets to Thriving in the Storms of Life

Guest: Rod Knoerr

Rod Knoerr is the author of the book Don’t Waste This Storm. In the book he discusses his secrets of perspective shift during the storms life sends your way and how it allows others to experience things they never could have imagined.

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How to Recover from Grief

Guest: Victoria Volk

Victoria Volk is the author of the book The Guided Heart. She is also a grief recovery specialist, and host of the Grieving Voices podcast. In this episode we dive into the topic of grief and how you can recover from the grief you may be dealing with.

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