Military Service, Mental Health, and Healing

Guest: Kristof Morrow

Kristof Morrow, a former navy corpsman, discusses his experiences during military service, the impact of losing a shipmate to suicide, and the importance of addressing mental health issues.

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The Journey Of Grief And Healing

Guest: Allicia Johnson Niles

Guest Allicia Johnson Niles shares her journey of losing her father in the military at a young age, her struggle with grief, and healing.

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Honoring Our Fallen Supporting Military Families

Guest: Laura Herzog

Laura Herzog, founder of Honoring Our Fallen, discusses the organization’s mission to support the military community and their families.

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Activating the Brain’s Healing Process

Guest: Dr. Theodore Henderson

Explore the cutting-edge treatments for brain injuries with Dr. Theodore Henderson, renowned neuroscientist and author of “Brighter Days Ahead.” Uncover how innovative approaches are transforming the way we understand and address brain disorders like PTSD and chronic fatigue.

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Special Memorial Day Episode

Guest: Debbie Lee, Thad Forester, Tammy Pulaski, Tony Price

Learn about the real meaning behind Memorial Day and those we celebrate the day for.

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Gold Star Brother Remembering the Fallen

Guest: Thad Forester

Gold Star Brother, Thad Forester, discusses the loss of his brother, Mark, and how his family is continuing his legacy.

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Living the Hand You’re Dealt

Guest: Charles Smith

Charles Smith, an Army veteran, shares his traumatic childhood and how those experiences impacted him as an adult.

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Air Force Vet and Gold Star Wife Discusses Life After Loss

Guest: Natalee King

Natalee King discusses her time in the Air Force and how her husband died while serving in the Air Force and how that loss impacted her.

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