Religion & Spirituality

Forging A Path Of Purpose After A TBI and PTSD

Guest: Allen Simmons

Allen Simmons is a Marine Corps veteran who deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and wrestled with PTSD from a TBI that he sustained in Afghanistan. In his healing journey, he battled depression and suicide as he set on a new path of purpose.

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Stop, Breathe, Think, Act

Guest: Mark Weisman

Mark Weisman has spent over three decades researching religion throughout the world. He has combined his experience with religion and psychology to offer hope for those suffering from depression, and PTSD by building successful coping mechanisms that lead to happier lives.

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The Voice of Leadership

Guest: Dr. Karen Wilson-Starks

Dr. Karen Wilson-Starks worked as a Psychologist with the Army at Walter Reed, Fort Riley, and West Point.

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Healing Through Service

Guest: Aaron Quinonez

Aaron Quinonez, affectionately known as SGT Q talks about how serving others has helped him and others recover from difficult times.

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