Drive On Podcast Brand Assets

If you wish to promote the Drive On Podcast, you will find a few logos you can use below.

Please do not alter the logos other than resizing them to fit the location that you intend on using the logo. When resizing, always resize to a smaller size, and maintain the same proportions so that the logo doesn't appear "squished". If you require a larger size, or need assistance getting the logo you need, please contact Scott.

For logos with no background color (i.e. the logos that don't appear to have a white background below), please place the logos on a background with one of the colors listed below.


Hex: #4F5740

RGB: 79, 87, 64

Hex: #878B66

RGB: 135, 139, 102

Hex: #2F3429

RGB: 47, 52, 41

Hex: #D8B467

RGB: 216, 180, 103


To download a logo, please follow these steps:

Desktop or Laptop Computer

Click the logo that you wish to download. Right-click the full-sized image and select Save Image As. You will then be prompted to save the image on your computer.

Smartphones and Tablets

Tap the image that you wish to download. Tap and hold the full-sized image. Your device will prompt you to save the image. Follow the prompts.

Logos Sized For Social Media

General Logos