Drive On Podcast Media Kit

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About Drive On Podcast

The Drive On Podcast is hosted by Scott DeLuzio, an Army infantry veteran who served in Afghanistan in 2010. After that deployment, several individuals that Scott served with took their own lives.

Scott realized that this problem was widespread amongst the military community, and didn't want to wait around for another fellow veteran to take their own life. That was the spark that caused Drive On Podcast to come to life.

On the podcast, Scott talks to guests who share personal triumphs, life experiences, and emotional hardships while showing the path they used to overcome those experiences.

What Does "Drive On" Mean?

Drive On is a phrase used in the military that refers to keeping going to complete a task or continuing despite hardship.

When we return from deployment, transition out of the military, experience combat, or lose a friend we all have our own hardships that we have to overcome.

What Can Listeners Expect?

Drive On Podcast began in June 2019, and was published once weekly up until the end of 2021. Starting in 2022, episodes have been released twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Click here to see a list of upcoming episodes.

Guests include:

  • Current and former service members who have inspiring stories of overcoming adversity.
  • Representatives from non-profits and other organizations focused on helping veterans.
  • Civilians who have overcome adversity in an exceptional way.

Guests often share very personal and vulnerable details about their lives and the struggles they have overcome. The goal of sharing these stories is to let listeners realize that they are not alone and that there is hope for them.

Transcripts are available for the hearing impaired and those who prefer to read the episode rather than listen to it.

Is Drive On Podcast Kid Friendly?

Drive On Podcast is not intended for young listeners.

Topics may include sensitive subjects, such as death, suicide, sexual assault, etc.

Guests are also allowed to speak freely, and therefore sometimes adult language is used.

On occasion, an episode will be geared toward helping military families including their children. In those cases, the episodes will be appropriate for children as far as language is concerned, however, the subject matter may not be. Parents should use their discretion in determining whether or not their children listen to any episodes.


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Ratings and Reviews

Drive On Podcast currently has a 4.9-star rating on Apple Podcasts.

Here is what listeners have had to say:

"...Love the guests, love the brand! Five Stars! A must listen for all veterans!"
- Jeff Clark


"...Scott does an amazing job capturing the journey of his guest and allowing them to shine authentically on his podcast. He is intelligent and down to earth, I'm looking forward to see him reach great heights. Thanks Scott"
- Allen Simmons


"...His podcast is a wonderful resource for veterans wanting to improve their lives and relationships! I am sure listeners will find the podcast inspirational as they hear from other veterans how they navigated various stages of military and post military life"
- Liz Polinsky


"...This podcast has a wealth of inspiration & resources for many topics Veterans will benefit from. Check it out & tell your buddies"
- Jessica Jaber


"...He has honest conversations that serve the military community by both sharing knowledge and normalizing those struggles that we don't often talk about. Highly recommend!
- Ashleigh Magee


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