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Here is what you can look forward to in upcoming episodes of Drive On Podcast:

  • Episode 266: Air Force Vet Overcomes Challenges To Achieve Dream Career with guest April Shprintz (28-Mar-2023)
    April Shprintz joins the podcast to share her journey in the Air Force and how, despite setbacks, she never quit pursuing her dreams.
  • Episode 267: USMC Veteran On Mentoring Veterans And His Son’s Tragic Death with guest John Henry Parker (30-Mar-2023)
    After the military, John Henry Parker sought ways to help him become a better person and now helps other veterans through their traumas.
  • Episode 268: USAF Veteran Shares How To Reach Goals And Motivate Personal Success with guest Paul White (04-Apr-2023)
    Paul White is a USAF veteran. He's developed strategies to motivate people to become better versions of themselves.
  • Episode 269: The Role of Family in Supporting Veterans (06-Apr-2023)
    Examining the importance of family support for veterans and providing advice for families who are struggling to support their loved ones.
  • Episode 270: Combat Veteran on Overcoming Adversity And Achieving Career Success with guest Jason Pike (11-Apr-2023)
    Author and retired LtCol Jason Pike share his story of starting from the bottom and working hard to reach his goals.
  • Episode 271: Alternative Therapies for PTSD Treatment (13-Apr-2023)
    Discussing alternative therapies such as art therapy, equine therapy, and adventure therapy as potential treatments for PTSD.
  • Episode 272: Boots To Books with guest Peter Cline (18-Apr-2023)
    Peter Cline is an Army infantry veteran and the founder of Boots to Books, a nonprofit that helps veterans and their families attain competitive education and employment.
  • Episode 273: Overcoming Stigma Surrounding Mental Health in the Military (20-Apr-2023)
  • Episode 274: National Medal of Honor Museum with guest Darrell Utt (25-Apr-2023)
    Darrell Utt is a retired Green Beret and Chief of Business Operations at the National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation.
  • Episode 278: Former Zookeeper Helps Veterans With Service Dogs Through Warriors Heart Canine Program with guest Michelle Axmaker (09-May-2023)
    Michelle Axmaker is a former zookeeper and currently works with Warriors Heart to train service dogs for veterans and first responders.
  • Episode 280: Living Life Beyond the Rut with guest Jerry Dugan (16-May-2023)
    Jerry Dugan, host of Beyond the Rut podcast, shares how he found himself in a rut and worked his way out to a happier life.

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