Upcoming Episodes of Drive On Podcast

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Here is what you can look forward to in upcoming episodes of Drive On Podcast:

  • Episode 379: Combatting PTSD and Building Resilience with guest Thyron Heyward (23-Apr-2024)
    Thyron Heyward, a Navy veteran and mental health counselor, discusses combating PTSD, the importance of support, and personal transformation.
  • Episode 380: Resilience, Perseverance, and Inner Strength with guest Josh Thompson (25-Apr-2024)
    Guest Josh Thompson shares his experiences with mental and physical health issues due to toxic leadership and discusses the value of faith and mindfulness in recovery.
  • Episode 381: Veteran Mental Health, Military Experiences, and Film ‘Tribal’ with guest Mark Kershaw (30-Apr-2024)
    Army combat veteran Mark Kershaw discusses his documentary "Tribal," which explores the unique struggles veterans face.
  • Episode 382: Crafting Your Own Happiness with guest Bona Normandeau (02-May-2024)
    Guest Bona Normandeau discusses her journey to find happiness after her military career, the importance of resilience, and how happiness is a process, not an endpoint.
  • Episode 383: Operation Homefront: Strength, Stability, and Secure Futures with guest Robert Thomas (07-May-2024)
    Robert Thomas discusses his 31-year Air Force career and Operation Homefront's mission of aiding military families.
  • Episode 384: The Journey of Resilience and Growth with guest Jeremy Hancock (09-May-2024)
    Jeremy Hancock, a combat veteran, discusses his journey overcoming PTSD and finding post-traumatic growth through ketamine therapy.
  • Episode 385: Navigating VA Disability Claims with guest Monica Sanford (14-May-2024)
    Monica Sanford shares expert advice on VA disability claims process, ensuring veterans get entitled benefits.
  • Episode 386: A Journey Through Military Service and Combatting Eating Disorders with guest Leah Stiles (16-May-2024)
    Leah Stiles shares her battle with eating disorders and how her non-profit, SEA WAVES, helps combat eating disorders in the military.
  • Episode 387: Triumph Over Trials with guest James Kuczykowski (21-May-2024)
    Veteran James Kuczykowski discusses his military life, overcoming addiction, and finding joy and purpose through recovery and faith.

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