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Here is what you can look forward to in upcoming episodes of Drive On Podcast:

  • Episode 338: Finding Meaningful Opportunities in the Trades with guest Michael Conner (30-Nov-2023)
    Army veteran Michael Conner discusses the career opportunities available to veterans transitioning out of the military in the trades.
  • Episode 339: Changing the Landscape of Military Spouse Employment with guest Laura Early (05-Dec-2023)
    Discover how WISE Advise + Assist Team is revolutionizing remote work for military spouses and veterans, creating opportunities where none existed before.
  • Episode 340: Coffee with a Purpose with guest Katie Preste (07-Dec-2023)
    Navy veteran Katie Preste, the founder of Boots On Ground Coffee Co. shares her passion for coffee and dedication to veterans and how they have come together in a mission-driven business that's making a difference.
  • Episode 341: Veteran Champions and Military Ministry with guest Kathy Gallowitz (12-Dec-2023)
    USAF veteran, Kathy Gallowitz, the founder of Vanguard Veteran, discusses the organization's work to support veterans and their families.
  • Episode 342: Vietnam Combat: Firefights and Writing History with guest Robin Bartlett (14-Dec-2023)
    Robin Bartlett, Vietnam veteran and author of Vietnam Combat Firefights and Writing History shares his experiences fighting in Vietnam.
  • Episode 343: A Journey to Healing Through Posttraumatic Growth with guest David Nathanson (19-Dec-2023)
    USMC veteran, David Nathanson, shares the services and training Eagle Oak Retreat Foundation offers to combat veterans.
  • Episode 344: Equestrian Therapy for Veterans with guest Zachary Leyden (21-Dec-2023)
    Zachary Leyden details how he went from the military to finding solace in horses and how other veterans can benefit from horses, too.
  • Episode 345: Discussing Mental Health Support with Ohana Homefront Foundation with guest Sarah Otto & Candace Guelzo (26-Dec-2023)
    In this episode we discuss the Ohana Homefront Foundation, which aims to provide mental health support for the entire military community.
  • Episode 346: Damn the Valley – An Inside Look at the ‘Meat Grinder’ Deployment with guest William Yeske (28-Dec-2023)
    William Yeske, Army veteran and author of 'Damn the Valley', discusses his book, which provides insights into his deployment to Afghanistan.
  • Episode 347: Honoring Our Fallen Supporting Military Families with guest Laura Herzog (02-Jan-2024)
    Laura Herzog, founder of Honoring Our Fallen, discusses the organization's mission to support the military community and their families.

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