Upcoming Episodes of Drive On Podcast

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Here is what you can look forward to in upcoming episodes of Drive On Podcast:

  • Episode 398: Irreverent Warriors – Silkies, Service, and Camaraderie with guest Perla Tapia (27-Jun-2024)
    Perla Tapia discusses her Air Force journey, involvement with Irreverent Warriors, and their work to prevent veteran suicide.
  • Episode 399: Transforming Trials into Triumphs with guest Karis Meier (02-Jul-2024)
    Karis Meier discusses her journey as a military spouse, battling illness, and finding hope through suffering in her book, Suffering Redeemed.
  • Episode 400: Celebrating the 4th on the 400th Episode (04-Jul-2024)
    Exploring the essence & history of Independence Day in the 400th episode, reflecting on freedom, sacrifice, and American values.
  • Episode 401: The Hidden Impacts of PTSD with guest Ruth Clare (09-Jul-2024)
    Ruth Clare speaks on PTSD's generational impact from her own experiences, coping strategies, and her memoir, Enemy.
  • Episode 402: Finding Your Life’s Purpose with guest Corey Poirier (11-Jul-2024)
    Corey Poirier shares insights on finding purpose and passion to tackle mental health challenges from his personal journey.
  • Episode 403: Practical Strategies for Resolving Disputes with guest Mike Hassell (16-Jul-2024)
    Mike Hassell discusses conflict resolution, the balance of ideals and reality, and strategies for developing understanding.
  • Episode 404: Overcoming Emotional Triggers with guest Jennie Potter (18-Jul-2024)
    Jennie Potter discusses her ALARM Method to address emotional triggers, self-sabotage, and trauma in veterans.
  • Episode 405: Codependency Solutions and Recovery Tips with guest Dr. Sarah Michaud (23-Jul-2024)
    Dr. Sarah Michaud discusses addiction, codependency, how they relate to veterans, and healthier coping mechanisms.

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