How Military Families Tackle Long-Distance Moves

Guest: Tiffany Klusacek & Ashlee Jankovich

Join us for a conversation with Tiffany Klusacek and Ashlee Jankovich, military spouses and real estate agents who specialize in assisting families with the challenges of military relocations. Discover how they make the process less stressful, from virtual home tours to community integration.

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Telling Stories and Leaving Legacies

Guest: Michael Nelson

Hear from Mike Nelson about his own transition from military life to civilian life and how writing has helped him to adjust.

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How to Get the VA Benefits You Deserve

Guest: Paul Lawrence

In this episode, we talk to Paul Lawrence, the former Under Secretary for Benefits at the VA, about his book “Veterans Benefits for You: Get What You Deserve.”

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How Sheep Dog Impact Assistance Reshapes Lives

Guest: Lance Nutt

Learn how Sheep Dog Impact Assistance provides support for veterans and 1st responders through outdoor adventures, mental wellness, and continued service programs.

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From the Battlefield to the Page

Guest: Jeff Wilson

In this episode, we chat with Navy veteran and author Jeffrey Wilson about his journey from the battlefield to the page.

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Healing Veterans One Dog at a Time

Guest: BJ Ganem

BJ Ganem, CEO of Sierra Delta, shares his remarkable journey from the United States Marine Corps to becoming an advocate for veterans.

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Mindful Movement: Yoga for Veterans

Guest: Nicole Byars

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Nicole Byars, the founder of Honest Yoga, as we explore the benefits of yoga for veterans.

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Cyber Opportunities for Veterans

Guest: Steve Stratton

Discover how veterans can harness their unique skills to bridge the talent gap in the rapidly growing Cyber industry.

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From Rescues to Resilience

Guest: Justin Crane

Justin Crane, describes the difficulties he encountered after being medically discharged, and his transformation as he chose to take control of his life.

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Transforming Veterans’ Lives Through Fitness

Guest: Matt Preiss

Marine veteran and founder of Body Ops Coaching, Matt Priess is helping veterans overcome physical and mental challenges to achieve their fitness goals and regain their vitality.

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Sleep Solutions for Veterans

Guest: Dr. Barry Krakow

Dr. Barry Krakow discusses sleep issues in veterans, strategies for better sleep, and when to seek professional help for sleep disorders.

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How Veterans Off-Grid is Changing Lives One Veteran at a Time

Guest: Ryan Timmermans

Ryan Timmermans, founder of Veterans Off-Grid, shares how he’s helping veterans reintegrate into society, find purpose, and heal through sustainable eco-communities and job skills training.

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