How iRest Can Help Pain, Sleep, Depression, Anxiety, & PTSD

Guest: Jennifer Boileau

Returning guest, Jennifer Boileau, joins us to talk about how iRest meditation can help relieve pain, improve sleep, and reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

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Why You are Not Alone, should Seek Help & Choose Life

Guest: Tom Spooner

Tom Spooner is an Army veteran who served nearly 21 years as a Green Beret and Delta Force Operator. Since retiring, he has successfully enabled thousands of warriors to acknowledge their struggles, seek treatment, and understand that they are not alone.

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Action-Oriented – Rebuilding Lives After Trauma

Guest: Jesse Simpson

Jesse Simpson is a Marine veteran turned entrepreneur. Jesse runs a company called Action-Oriented, which helps people rebuild their life after trauma or transition. His journey is one with the theme that it is never too late to transform your life.

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Terror to Triumph

Guest: Chris Whittemore

Chris Whittemore is a Marine veteran who has written the book Terror to Triumph. His book is a journey through the eyes of a Marine scout sniper in Ramadi, Iraq, in 2005. It continues through Fallujah, Iraq, in 2007, and finally finishes flying as a crew chief / door gunner through Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

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Military Transition Roundtable

Guest: Don Gleason

Don Gleason is an Air Force veteran Colonel who led units of over 1600 people and was responsible for projects as large as the $12.8 Billion Iraq reconstruction program. After getting out of the military he’s had a successful civilian career, and has since started a non-profit which helps military in transition.

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Facing Addiction Recovery Together

Guest: Brandon Roman

Brandon Roman is an Army veteran who works with Face it Together, which is an addiction resource center that works to help get people with addiction and their loved ones well again.

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America’s Warrior Partnership

Guest: Joshua Wilson

Joshua Wilson is a Marine veteran who now works for America’s Warrior Partnership, whose mission is to partner with communities to prevent veteran suicide.

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How to Recover from Grief

Guest: Victoria Volk

Victoria Volk is the author of the book The Guided Heart. She is also a grief recovery specialist, and host of the Grieving Voices podcast. In this episode we dive into the topic of grief and how you can recover from the grief you may be dealing with.

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From Grief To Gold

Guest: Melissa Anne

Melissa Anne is an Army veteran, military spouse, and tragically, a Gold Star Wife. She is also the author of the book Darkness Within, which discusses her journey after the loss of her husband.

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Shift 6 Connecting The Auto Industry With Veterans

Guest: Curtis Rutledge

Curtis Rutledge is an Army veteran and the creator of the non-profit Shift 6, whose mission is to bridge the auto industry with the veteran community by raising veteran awareness through the teaching of automotive and technical skills.

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Pushing Outside Your Comfort Zone

Guest: Joe Bogdan

Joe Bogdan is a Senior Enlisted Leader in the United States Air Force with more than 20 years of service. He is also a co-founder of The Llama Leadership website and a host of the Llama Lounge podcast.

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Physical Health’s Impact On Mental Health

Guest: Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark is an Air Force Veteran, host of the Course of Action podcast, and author of the new book Hear These Truths. In this episode, we discuss how his physical health impacted his mental health, and how unprepared he felt when transitioning out of the military.

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