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Memorial Day

Guest: Scott DeLuzio

All about Memorial Day. What it is, and more importantly what it isn’t.

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Perfectly Hidden Depression

Guest: Margaret Rutherford

In this episode, I talk to Dr. Margaret Rutherford, the author of the book Perfectly Hidden Depression. We talk about the book, seeking mental health treatment, and a lot more.

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Guest: Scott DeLuzio

Americans are getting angrier and more outraged than ever, and it’s not really doing any good. In this episode, I’m talking about Fortitude, a new book by Dan Crenshaw.

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What the American Legion is All About

Guest: Joseph Sharpe

Veterans are looking for a few things after getting out of the military and organizations like the American Legion are offering exactly what they are looking for. Learn what the American Legion is all about in this episode.

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Healing Through Service

Guest: Aaron Quinonez

Aaron Quinonez, affectionately known as SGT Q talks about how serving others has helped him and others recover from difficult times.

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Leave No Marriage Behind

Guest: Daniel Faust

Daniel Faust from Learn & Live talks about helping veterans thrive at home, at work, and everywhere in between.

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Confident Couples and Strong Relationships

Guest: Bud & Sara Dunn

Bud and Sara Dunn are co-hosts of the Confident Couples podcast. In this episode we’ll break down what it takes to build and maintain a strong relationship.

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Physical Isolation Not Social Isolation

Guest: Scott DeLuzio

The phrase “social isolation” gives the wrong impression. We should keep the social, while maintaining a physical distance.

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