Combatting PTSD and Building Resilience

Thyron Heyward Combatting PTSD and Building Resilience Drive On Podcast
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Combatting PTSD and Building Resilience

In this episode, our guest, Thyron Heyward, a Navy veteran and mental health advocate, openly discusses his powerful journey of resilience and transformation. Suffering from PTSD after his services in Desert Storm, Thyron embarked on an arduous journey of healing and self-discovery. Today, he holds a master’s degree in clinical counseling psychology, and runs a coaching and mentoring business dedicated to aiding veterans who might be facing similar challenges. During the conversation, Thryon shares his experiences, strategies, and tools for overcoming the issues faced specifically by veterans after military service. Exploring topics like the significance of community, mindfulness, and alternative therapies like yoga and acupuncture, the episode provides insights into rebuilding life after service. Tune in to understand how reshaping perceptions about mental health and actively seeking help can lead to transformational changes.

00:00 Introduction to Thyron Heyward
02:37 Impacts of Military Service – Personal Experiences
10:13 Aftermath of Service – Overcoming PTSD
13:32 Personal Growth & Self-Discovery
19:44 Mental Health Advocacy – Helping Others
54:30 Breaking the Stigma & Importance of Seeking Help

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