Purpose & Identity

Embracing Change and Reaching New Heights

Guest: Veronica Karaman

Veronica Karaman, introduces us to “The Champion’s Way,” a framework that fosters peak performance through a disciplined mind.

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Behind the Scenes of ‘Ranger’ Documentary

Guest: Sean Spencer & David Waterhouse

Join us as we delve into the impact of war on the human mind, featuring insights from the award-winning documentary “Ranger.”

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Saving Lives Through Connection

Guest: Frank Larkin

Warrior Call connects veterans, healing invisible wounds and saving lives. Join Frank Larkin as he shares impactful stories of connection and hope.

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The Rifle: Uniting Voices of Service and Sacrifice

Guest: Andy Biggio

Andy Biggio uncovered WWII vets’ stories and helped them return to the European battlefields they fought on for closure & remembrance.

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Healing PTSD with Flow State Yoga

Guest: Dashama Gordon

Guest Dashama Gordon explores the transformative power of flow state yoga and how it can heal PTSD in veterans.

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Generation Z and Military Service

Guest: Matthew Weiss

Exploring the decline in military service interest among Generation Z with Matthew Weiss, author of “We Don’t Want You, Uncle Sam.”

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Activating the Brain’s Healing Process

Guest: Dr. Theodore Henderson

Explore the cutting-edge treatments for brain injuries with Dr. Theodore Henderson, renowned neuroscientist and author of “Brighter Days Ahead.” Uncover how innovative approaches are transforming the way we understand and address brain disorders like PTSD and chronic fatigue.

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Navigating the Transition

Guest: Marty Strong

Marty Strong, a retired Navy SEAL officer shares how he successfully transitioned from the military to the business world and how you can too.

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