Purpose & Identity

Codependency Solutions and Recovery Tips

Guest: Dr. Sarah Michaud

Dr. Sarah Michaud discusses addiction, codependency, how they relate to veterans, and healthier coping mechanisms.

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Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Guest: Corey Poirier

Corey Poirier shares insights on finding purpose and passion to tackle mental health challenges from his personal journey.

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Transforming Trials into Triumphs

Guest: Karis Meier

Karis Meier discusses her journey as a military spouse, battling illness, and finding hope through suffering in her book, Suffering Redeemed.

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MANA House’s Fight Against Veteran Homelessness

Guest: Rachel Masch-Perez

Join us for a discussion on veteran homelessness, the causes behind veterans ending up on the streets, and solutions at MANA House.

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A Veteran’s Journey to Healing

Guest: Mark Perna

Former Marine Mark Perna shares his journey from combat to healing through yoga, meditation, and skydiving.

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Crafting Your Own Happiness

Guest: Bona Normandeau

Guest Bona Normandeau discusses her journey to find happiness after her military career, the importance of resilience, and how happiness is a process, not an endpoint.

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Veteran Mental Health, Military Experiences, and Film ‘Tribal’

Guest: Mark Kershaw

Army combat veteran Mark Kershaw discusses his documentary “Tribal,” which explores the unique struggles veterans face.

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Combatting PTSD and Building Resilience

Guest: Thyron Heyward

Thyron Heyward, a Navy veteran and mental health counselor, discusses combating PTSD, the importance of support, and personal transformation.

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