Rediscovering Life After Addiction

Kelly Killingsworth Rediscovering Life After Addiction Drive On Podcast
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Rediscovering Life After Addiction

In this episode, Kelly Killingsworth, a military veteran, shares his inspiring journey of recovering from addiction and restructuring his life. Once an addict and stuck in a toxic relationship, Kelly felt his life spiraling out of control until the potential loss of his children encouraged him to confront his demons. He discusses how cutting destructive influences out of his life and gaining structure from the Army helped him beat addiction. Furthermore, Kelly talks about the importance of having a mentor and setting personal goals. He discusses using the GI Bill to facilitate his transition and secure a stable income and the role that resilience and a clear vision have played in transforming his life. Now, Kelly is his own boss, sober, and dedicated to using his experiences to guide others through their struggles.

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