Family and Relationships

Navigating Life as a Caregiver

Guest: Elisa Glass

Elisa Glass shares her journey as a caregiver to a 100% disabled veteran and her battle with a rare autoimmune disease, plus advocacy work.

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Unleashing Forgiveness

Guest: Katharine Giovanni

Katharine Giovanni discusses the process and benefits of forgiveness, highlighting its transformative power for personal wellbeing.

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Understanding Secondary Trauma and Family Healing

Guest: Dr. Michael Barnes

Dr. Mike Barnes discusses the concept of secondary trauma and its impacts on military families, suggesting open conversation and therapy.

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Transforming Military Experience into a Life of Purpose

Guest: Zorina Pritchett

Zorina Pritchett, an army veteran and entrepreneur, discusses her military experience, being a caregiver, and developing children’s games.

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The Journey Of Grief And Healing

Guest: Allicia Johnson Niles

Guest Allicia Johnson Niles shares her journey of losing her father in the military at a young age, her struggle with grief, and healing.

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Leadership and Military Family Support

Guest: Paul Vann

Paul Vann discusses his time in the Air Force, the challenges military families face, and the importance of family readiness programs.

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Rediscovering Life After Addiction

Guest: Kelly Killingsworth

Army veteran, Kelly Killingsworth shares his journey of recovering from addiction and restructuring his life.

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Becoming a Dangerous Man

Guest: Phil Anderton

In this episode, Navy veteran, Phil Anderton shares his transformation story into what he calls a ‘dangerous man.’

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