Family and Relationships

Naval Academy Friends Reflect On Friendship And Business

Guest: Stu Grazier & David Gutierrez

David Gutierrez and Stu Grazier joined the podcast to talk about their time in the Navy, the transition to civilian life, and relationships.

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Choosing to Live Life After a Near-Death Experience

Guest: Nicole Kerr

Air Force veteran Nicole Kerr joins us to discuss the aftermath of a near-death experience and how it gave her a new outlook on life.

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Change Your Mindset Change Your Life

Guest: Nina Szewczak

Nina Szewczak shares her story of resilience and how she overcame personal setbacks. She shares her tips on how to live a more positive life.

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Continuing to Serve After Medical Retirement

Guest: Alex Gonzales

Alex Gonzales is an Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and suffered a traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. Despite his struggles, he continues to serve his fellow veterans and use his experiences to help others.

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How Mighty Oaks Helps Save Veterans

Guest: Brandon Bettis

Brandon Bettis discusses how Mighty Oaks changed his life by overcoming suicidal thoughts, and how others can benefit from their services.

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Gold Star Brother Remembering the Fallen

Guest: Thad Forester

Gold Star Brother, Thad Forester, discusses the loss of his brother, Mark, and how his family is continuing his legacy.

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How to Support an Addict In Your Life

Guest: Michaela Canterbury

Michaela Canterbury discusses her experiences as her sister battled addiction. She shares how to help loved ones overcome their addiction.

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How Many Mondays Do You Have Left to Live?

Guest: Jodi Wellman

Jodi Wellman shows how she helps others put a sense of urgency in others to live life with the knowledge that we only get so many Mondays.

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