Family and Relationships

Navigating Military and Civilian Commitments

Guest: Ian Murray

Ian Murray shares his remarkable story of how a miscommunication between his military duties and civilian job led to an unexpected series of events, including his arrest and subsequent investigation. We share valuable tips for other Reservists and National Guard members.

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Healing Veterans Holistically

Guest: Jackie Jones

Discover how Jackie Jones empowers veterans through her holistic therapy, incorporating art, yoga, and more.

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Empowering Military Children

Guest: Gracie Burgess

Gracie Burgess shares how she uses her experience as a military child to give others a chance to share their stories of resilience and hope.

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Caring for Military Children

Guest: Nicole Thompson

Join Air Force veteran and educator Nicole Thompson as she explores the challenges faced by military children and strategies for support.

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Special Memorial Day Episode

Guest: Debbie Lee, Thad Forester, Tammy Pulaski, Tony Price

Learn about the real meaning behind Memorial Day and those we celebrate the day for.

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The Role of Family in Supporting Veterans

Guest: Scott DeLuzio

Examining the importance of family support for veterans and providing advice for families who are struggling to support their loved ones.

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USMC Veteran On Mentoring Veterans And His Son’s Tragic Death

Guest: John Henry Parker

After the military, John Henry Parker sought ways to help him become a better person and now helps other veterans through their traumas.

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Naval Academy Friends Reflect On Friendship And Business

Guest: Stu Grazier & David Gutierrez

David Gutierrez and Stu Grazier joined the podcast to talk about their time in the Navy, the transition to civilian life, and relationships.

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