The Journey Of Grief And Healing

Allicia Johnson Niles The Journey Of Grief And Healing Drive On Podcast
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The Journey Of Grief And Healing

Allicia Johnson Niles shares her experience of losing her father in the military at a young age, which had a heavy impact on her life. Allicia discusses the importance of openly addressing grief, her own journey to healing, and her groundbreaking revelation about her father’s untimely demise. Throughout this journey, Allicia emphasizes the importance of community support, such as the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), and shares the profound impact it had on her healing process. Allicia also teases her upcoming book ‘Angel in Arlington’ where she digs deeper into these themes.

  • 00:00 Introduction to podcast and Sponsor
  • 01:41 Introduction to guest
  • 02:14 Allicia shares her story
  • 02:51 Revelation of unaddressed grief
  • 04:15 Impact of loss on personal life
  • 05:48 Insight into the grieving process
  • 02:18 Discussion on validation and self-discovery
  • 49:18 Unveiling the TAPS program
  • 43:09 Closing message

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