Coping Strategies

Vitanya Brain Performance

Guest: John Strickland

John Strickland is a 23 year Army veteran who served in Vietnam and later found himself suffering from PTSD. After discovering Vitanya Brain Performance Centers, John became a franchisee in order to help others increase their brain performance.

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G. I. Low

Guest: P.S. Barlow

Author, and illustrator P. S. Barlow, the creator of the popular G. I. Low comic joins me to talk about the comic, some of his experiences as a Drill Sergeant, and about how humor can help get people through difficult situations.

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Kruse Corner

Guest: Lani Hankins

Lani Hankins talks to us about the struggles that service members face after leaving the military and coping with the loss of their friends.

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Wellness for Vets

Guest: James Conner

James Connor is a Marine Corps veteran who has been working to help veterans replace medications with alternative therapies that help PTSD and other causes of anxiety or depression.

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Heroic Gardens

Guest: Collie Turner

Collie Turner talks to us about her company Heroic Gardens and how it helps veterans and service members “grow hope” by connecting them with plants and nature.

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Hope And Healing For The Veteran Community

Guest: Jennifer O'Neill

Jennifer O’Neill talks to us about the power of an equestrian form of therapy to help vets and their loved ones.

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Perfectly Hidden Depression

Guest: Margaret Rutherford

In this episode, I talk to Dr. Margaret Rutherford, the author of the book Perfectly Hidden Depression. We talk about the book, seeking mental health treatment, and a lot more.

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Having an Operational Mindset

Guest: Jeff Banman

Jeff Banman talks with us about having what he calls an operational mindset. You don’t want to miss this one.

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Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Guest: Jason Mosel

Jason Mosel has made incredible physical accomplishments. But he’s not a natural born athlete. He keeps pushing himself outside of his comfort zone though, which enables him to attempt these huge tasks.

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Loss of Identity After 17 Years of Service

Guest: Annette Whittenberger

In this episode, Annette Whittenberger talks about the loss of identity she experienced after serving in the Army for 17 years.

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