Coping Strategies

When service members leave the military and become veterans, they often times have difficulties. When they don’t know where to turn to identify the coping strategies that work best for them it can be a hopeless feeling. Some of these issues include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), homelessness, addiction, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and a variety of others.

These episodes of Drive On Podcast cover coping strategies for veterans. They aren’t your traditional “talk therapy” that many people think of.

If you, or someone you know, needs immediate assistance, please check out the resources for veterans page. There, we have a wide variety of options on an easy-to-navigate page.

Empowering Veterans Through Writing

Guest: Jeff Circle

Veteran and award-winning journalist, Jeff Circle, highlights his military journey, transition out of the army, and his mission to support and promote military writers through ‘The Writers Dossier’.

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Finding Strength Through Transformation & Self Belief

Guest: Andrea Vallely

Andrea Vallely shares insights on mental wellness, the importance of self-acceptance, and strategies for overcoming worry and stress.

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Beacon 4 HOPE

Guest: Doug Brinker

Doug Brinker, founder of Beacon 4 HOPE, shares his journey through suicide attempts and his mission to provide prevention techniques.

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The Journey Of Grief And Healing

Guest: Allicia Johnson Niles

Guest Allicia Johnson Niles shares her journey of losing her father in the military at a young age, her struggle with grief, and healing.

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Leadership and Military Family Support

Guest: Paul Vann

Paul Vann discusses his time in the Air Force, the challenges military families face, and the importance of family readiness programs.

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Pathway into Writing

Guest: Matt Scott

Author Matt Scott shares his journey from a corporate job to writing, discussing the process of writing and staying dedicated to the craft.

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Expressive Arts as a Pathway to Healing and Resilience

Guest: Kathryn Vecchio

Kathryn Vecchio discusses the transformative power of art and creative expression in healing trauma and fostering resilience.

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Discussing the Impact of Marijuana Use

Guest: Dr. Raymond Wiggins

Dr. Raymond Wiggins discusses the harms and misconceptions about marijuana, its legalization, and its impact on society.

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