Empowering Veterans Through Sailing

Sean Duclay Empowering Veterans Through Sailing Drive On Podcast
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Empowering Veterans Through Sailing

In this episode, we have an enlightening conversation with Sean Duclay, co-founder of Sail Ahead, an organization that fuses the healing power of sailing with a mission to raise awareness about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and veteran suicide. Sean shares valuable insights about the birth of Sail Ahead, the impact it has had on empowering veterans, and some deeply touching experiences he has had with veterans who have taken part in Sail Ahead programs. The episode tells of how Sean is using sailing as a therapeutic avenue for veterans, helping them reconnect with their communities and find hope and strength. It also highlights the importance of general awareness about veteran suicide. This episode is a vital listen for anyone interested in creative therapeutic methods, veteran recovery, and the power of community engagement. 00:27 Introduction and Overview of Sail Ahead
01:34 Sean Duclay’s Inspiration and Journey
03:45 Impact and Real-life Experiences
09:02 Importance of Teamwork and Connection
15:07 Programs and Events Conducted by Sail Ahead
06:01 Moving Stories of Impact & Value of Community
25:17 The Way Forward and How to Contribute

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