We are committed to connecting with current and prior service members and civilians to discuss and share personal triumphs, life experiences and emotional hardships to give hope and strength to the Military community.

Recent Episodes

Memorial Day

Guest: Scott DeLuzio

All about Memorial Day. What it is, and more importantly what it isn’t.

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Perfectly Hidden Depression

Guest: Margaret Rutherford

In this episode, I talk to Dr. Margaret Rutherford, the author of the book Perfectly Hidden Depression. We talk about the book, seeking mental health treatment, and a lot more.

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Guest: Scott DeLuzio

Americans are getting angrier and more outraged than ever, and it’s not really doing any good. In this episode, I’m talking about Fortitude, a new book by Dan Crenshaw.

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What the American Legion is All About

Guest: Joseph Sharpe

Veterans are looking for a few things after getting out of the military and organizations like the American Legion are offering exactly what they are looking for. Learn what the American Legion is all about in this episode.

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Healing Through Service

Guest: Aaron Quinonez

Aaron Quinonez, affectionately known as SGT Q talks about how serving others has helped him and others recover from difficult times.

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Meet Your Host

Scott DeLuzio

Scott is an Army veteran who served in the Connecticut Army National Guard as an Infantryman and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010. Like many soldiers who deploy to combat, that deployment changed Scott forever. This podcast talks about challenges soldiers face when coming back home. Reacquainting with loved ones, finding a purpose outside of the military, and the struggles that come with it all.

If we're going to get better, we have to start talking about the problems we're facing.

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