Religion & Spirituality

Finding Balance and Healing

Guest: James Gervasio

Former Marine, James Gervasio, discusses his past struggles with addiction, trauma, and his journey to self-discovery.

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Veteran Champions and Military Ministry

Guest: Kathy Gallowitz

USAF veteran, Kathy Gallowitz, the founder of Vanguard Veteran, discusses the organization’s work to support veterans and their families.

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Healing from Loss and Trauma

Guest: Tina Erwin

Former Navy Commander Tina Erwin shares her perspective on helping veterans heal from trauma, navigate grief, and find solace.

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Spiritual Guidance To Veterans and First Responders

Guest: John Jones

Navy veteran John Jones talks about his book, A Higher Calling, which offers a biblical guide to veterans and first responders.

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Navy Veteran on Overcoming PTSD and Helping Fellow Vets

Guest: Daniel Mayberry

Daniel is a Navy veteran who has struggled with PTSD and started a podcast whose mission is to help other veterans in need.

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Choosing to Live Life After a Near-Death Experience

Guest: Nicole Kerr

Air Force veteran Nicole Kerr joins us to discuss the aftermath of a near-death experience and how it gave her a new outlook on life.

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Continuing to Serve After Medical Retirement

Guest: Alex Gonzales

Alex Gonzales is an Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and suffered a traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. Despite his struggles, he continues to serve his fellow veterans and use his experiences to help others.

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How Mighty Oaks Helps Save Veterans

Guest: Brandon Bettis

Brandon Bettis discusses how Mighty Oaks changed his life by overcoming suicidal thoughts, and how others can benefit from their services.

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