Veteran Service Organizations

Why You are Not Alone, should Seek Help & Choose Life

Guest: Tom Spooner

Tom Spooner is an Army veteran who served nearly 21 years as a Green Beret and Delta Force Operator. Since retiring, he has successfully enabled thousands of warriors to acknowledge their struggles, seek treatment, and understand that they are not alone.

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Military Transition Roundtable

Guest: Don Gleason

Don Gleason is an Air Force veteran Colonel who led units of over 1600 people and was responsible for projects as large as the $12.8 Billion Iraq reconstruction program. After getting out of the military he’s had a successful civilian career, and has since started a non-profit which helps military in transition.

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Facing Addiction Recovery Together

Guest: Brandon Roman

Brandon Roman is an Army veteran who works with Face it Together, which is an addiction resource center that works to help get people with addiction and their loved ones well again.

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America’s Warrior Partnership

Guest: Joshua Wilson

Joshua Wilson is a Marine veteran who now works for America’s Warrior Partnership, whose mission is to partner with communities to prevent veteran suicide.

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Shift 6 Connecting The Auto Industry With Veterans

Guest: Curtis Rutledge

Curtis Rutledge is an Army veteran and the creator of the non-profit Shift 6, whose mission is to bridge the auto industry with the veteran community by raising veteran awareness through the teaching of automotive and technical skills.

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Freedom Alliance

Guest: Tom Kilgannon

Tom Kilgannon is the President of Freedom Alliance, a non-profit that seeks to support America’s military by assisting with the rehabilitation needs of wounded service members and their families, as well as care for the families of the fallen amongst other initiatives.

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Transforming Service to Veterans

Guest: Paul Lawrence

Paul Lawrence is an Army veteran and also served as the Under Secretary of Benefits at the VA. During his time with the VA, he worked to streamline the bureaucracy to help veterans get the benefits they apply for quickly and accurately.

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Blue Star Academy

Guest: Pete & Edie Freudenberger

Pete and Edie Freudenberger founded the Blue Star Academy, which helps serve some of the unique educational needs of military connected students. They help educators understand the demands placed on children with military parents. This could include things like deployments, frequent moves, etc.

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