Veteran Service Organizations

PACT Act and Veteran Legal Resources

Guest: Joanna Morales

Joanna Morales discusses the PACT Act and other legal resources available to veterans who have been diagnosed with cancer and other illnesses.

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Living the Hand You’re Dealt

Guest: Charles Smith

Charles Smith, an Army veteran, shares his traumatic childhood and how those experiences impacted him as an adult.

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Veteran Help Point

Guest: Michelle Lang

Michelle Lang started Veteran Help Point, which is an online database of vetted and trusted resources that are available to the veteran community. She started Veteran Help Point after struggling to find resources for her husband after his transition out of the military.

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Life Skills For Soldiers

Guest: Brendan Duebner

Brendan Duebner is the founder of Life Skills for Soldiers, whose mission is to improve financial literacy among US service members.

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Developing Resilient Warriors

Guest: Brent Magnussen

Brent Magnussen is a US Army veteran who served as a combat engineer. He is also a best selling author, speaker, and sits on the board of the Resilient Warrior Foundation, which serves veterans and first responders who suffer from PTSD.

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Combat Control Foundation

Guest: Mike Lamonica

Mike Lamonica is an Air Force veteran who serves on the Combat Control Foundation’s Board of Directors. The Combat Control Foundation provides care and support to Combat Controllers, their families and other members of the military community through its programs, or through partnerships with similar charitable organizations.

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Gold Star Ride Foundation

Guest: Anthony Price

Anthony is with the Gold Star Ride Foundation, whose mission it is to actively support, comfort, and do the work that our fallen heroes would do it they hadn’t fallen for all our freedom.

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Iron-Sharpened Leadership

Guest: John Gronski

Retired Major General John Gronski joins us to discuss how leaders can start putting the people in their charge first. We discuss leadership, resilience, values, vulnerability, and more.

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