Veteran Service Organizations

Empowering Military Families through The Ripple Effect

Guest: Wendy Shackley

Wendy Shackley’s story is one of turning tragedy into hope. Tune in as she shares how her son’s suicide led her to create The Ripple Effect.

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Saving Lives Through Connection

Guest: Frank Larkin

Warrior Call connects veterans, healing invisible wounds and saving lives. Join Frank Larkin as he shares impactful stories of connection and hope.

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Healing Veterans Holistically

Guest: Jackie Jones

Discover how Jackie Jones empowers veterans through her holistic therapy, incorporating art, yoga, and more.

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The Power of Outdoor Therapy

Guest: Ryan Gascon

Discover how High Timber Dreams uses outdoor therapy to positively impact Veterans, Active Duty, First Responders, and Youth.

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Armed Forces Initiative Empowering Conservationists

Guest: Trevor Hubbs

Discover how the Armed Forces Initiative connects military veterans with the outdoors, fostering conservation and community.

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Navy Veteran Shares Story Of Unfortunate Surgical Outcome

Guest: Shannon Sackett

Shannon Sackett is a Navy veteran, who suffered an unfortunate surgical outcome, which caused her to become medically discharged.

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Navigating the VA Healthcare System: Tips and Resources

Guest: Scott DeLuzio

Providing guidance and resources for veterans who are navigating the VA healthcare system.

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Former Zookeeper Helps Veterans With Service Dogs Through Warriors Heart Canine Program

Guest: Michelle Axmaker

Michelle Axmaker is a former zookeeper and currently works with Warriors Heart to train service dogs for veterans and first responders.

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