Veteran Service Organizations

Insider View of Veterans Appeals Process

Guest: Cheri Mason

Cheri Mason discusses her career chairing the Board of Veterans Appeals, the intricacies of the appeals process, and her suicide prevention advocacy.

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Beacon 4 HOPE

Guest: Doug Brinker

Doug Brinker, founder of Beacon 4 HOPE, shares his journey through suicide attempts and his mission to provide prevention techniques.

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Leadership and Military Family Support

Guest: Paul Vann

Paul Vann discusses his time in the Air Force, the challenges military families face, and the importance of family readiness programs.

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Humor and Healing

Guest: Robin Johnson

Army vet turned comedian Robin Johnson discusses the use of humor to build resilience & help vets transition.

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Honoring Our Fallen Supporting Military Families

Guest: Laura Herzog

Laura Herzog, founder of Honoring Our Fallen, discusses the organization’s mission to support the military community and their families.

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Discussing Mental Health Support with Ohana Homefront Foundation

Guest: Sarah Otto & Candace Guelzo

In this episode we discuss the Ohana Homefront Foundation, which aims to provide mental health support for the entire military community.

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A Journey to Healing Through Posttraumatic Growth

Guest: David Nathanson

USMC veteran, David Nathanson, shares the services and training Eagle Oak Retreat Foundation offers to combat veterans.

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Veteran Champions and Military Ministry

Guest: Kathy Gallowitz

USAF veteran, Kathy Gallowitz, the founder of Vanguard Veteran, discusses the organization’s work to support veterans and their families.

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