Honor Flights Celebrating Our Heroes

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Honor Flights Celebrating Our Heroes

In this episode, guests Stephen Garrington and Jim Carson share their rewarding work with Honor Flight Network, an organization dedicated to helping veterans visit war memorials in Washington, D.C. Both Stephen and Jim are veterans themselves focused on honoring the service and sacrifices of former military personnel from the Vietnam, Korea, and World War II generations. The discussion covers the impactful experiences of the veterans partaking in these Honor Flights, the process to participate, and the emotional significance of the visits to the memorials. The conversation also includes the universal military experiences that connect veterans across eras and service branches. Listen to this episode to gain a deep understanding of the honor flights and how they serve to appreciate and acknowledge the service of veterans. 00:00 Introduction & Purpose of the Show
00:25 Introduction of the Guests: Stephen Garrington and Jim Carson
00:35 What is ‘Honor Flights’
06:03 Setting Up a Hub for Honor Flights
35:09 How Veterans Can Apply for Honor Flights
09:33 Experiences of Veterans on Honor Flights
37:26 Importance of Honor Flights for Veterans
28:00 How to Volunteer for Honor Flights
40:17 Humorous End Segment: ‘Is it service connected?’

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