Guest: Robert Dabney, Jr.

VetPark is an organization whose mission is to help veterans and provide funding to non-profits with a veteran focus. Robert Dabney Jr. tells us about the company and it’s mission.

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Breaking Barriers

Guest: Jodi Watkins

Jodi is a veteran, author, and host of the Breaking Barriers Now podcast, which has a similar mission to this podcast in that they talk about real life issues and stories to lift others up and support each other on their journeys.

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Real Talk Saves A Rocky Military Transition

Guest: Roman Roberts

Roman Roberts tells us his story of transitioning out of the military and how “real talk” helped him get back on track.

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Guest: Garrett Fitzgerald

Garrett Fitzgerald from MyMilitaryBenefits.com talks to us about everything from education to employment opportunities for veterans.

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Recorded Live: Sharing Your Story [Veterans Day 2020]

Guest: Scott DeLuzio

This episode was recorded live at a ceremony on Veterans Day 2020 where I had the opportunity to share my story and the stories of several of my past guests. It was an honor to share these stories with this audience and I’m pleased to be able to share the stories with you on this...

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Deployment Stresses and Leadership Lessons From A Navy Seal

Guest: John Havlik

After a 31+ year career in the Navy, John Havlik discusses his research into deployment stress, burnout prevention, and leadership lessons learned as a Navy SEAL.

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Prolonged Exposure Therapy and Finding Purpose

Guest: Ryan Britch

Ryan Britch, an OEF veteran, talks about his experience with PTSD and how prolonged exposure therapy helped him overcome it.

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Preventing Burnout

Guest: Bunny Young

Feel like you’re experiencing burnout or just don’t have enough time in the day? This episode will give you tips and strategies to help avoid burnout in your life.

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