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Pathway into Writing

Matt Scott discusses his transformation from a corporate worker to a writer, shedding light on the multi-layered writing process and the significance of believing in oneself and taking the leap despite age or circumstances. He provides an in-depth view into his book series, which focuses on the Iranian threat to the West and takes readers on a journey through Iran, an aspect rarely spotlighted in literature.

Matt shares the valuable advice he received from established author David Baldacci and how it helped him through self-doubt and gave him confidence. He emphasizes the importance of planning, reading, character development, and being well-prepared to morph your writing dreams into reality.

As many people in the military transition from active service to civilian life, this episode is a great inspiration to those contemplating a career shift to writing, highlighting that it’s never too late.

  • [00:05]: Introduction
  • [02:15]: Podcast Sponsor Message
  • [04:50]: Introducing Matt Scott
  • [07:30]: Matt shares his bio and the Surviving the Lion’s Den series
  • [15:00]: How the Publishing industry works
  • [18:00]: Overcoming Self Doubt
  • [27:45]: Writing the book vs. publishing the book
  • [35:10]: Writing Craft and Publishing Business
  • [39:15]: Overview of the Surviving the Lion’s Den series
  • [45:05]: Ending Joke
  • [47:00]: Outro and Thanks

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