Dancing towards Better Mental Health

Jennifer Nash Dancing towards Better Mental Health Drive On Podcast
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Dancing towards Better Mental Health

Jennifer Nash, an executive coach and passionate ballroom dancer, provides an enlightening perspective on dance as a therapeutic, social, and competitive activity. She shares her revealing experience of picking up ballroom dancing post-divorce, a journey that led her to discover its immense potential for healing, self-discovery, and community building. She emphasizes the dance floor’s innate power to uplift mood, alleviate stress, foster connections, and drive mental well-being. She further touches upon its inclusivity by exploring the opportunities it offers for individuals with diverse mobility and social preferences. Anyone looking for a unique perspective on alternative therapeutic activities, the power of community, or effective ways to handle the stresses of life transitions may find this conversation insightful. 00:25 The Healing Power of Dance
00:28 Ballroom Dancing – A Social Connector and Mood Booster
25:09 Ballroom Dancing for Individuals with Various Abilities
36:16 Dance as a Tool to Improve Communication

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  1. Diane DeLuzio on 5 March 2024 at 08:29

    Nice job. A good trivia question for this guest could have been…name a famous veteran who competed on Dancing With the stars. Answer: J.R. Martinez or Noah Galloway.

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