Drug Rehab For Veterans

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Drug Rehab For Veterans

Sam Huss is with RehabSpot, an organization that helps people struggling with addiction get back on the road to recovery.

Sam has an important message for those who are struggling with addiction. He wants you to know that it is possible to get help for your addiction. And just because one treatment option didn't work for you in the past, doesn't mean you should quit trying to find help. There are plenty of options available from inpatient, outpatient, 12 step programs, spiritual healing, and more.

Also, for family members and loved ones of those who are struggling with addiction, he has an important message for you too. It's all too easy to start with accusations "we could have done this if you weren't drinking so much". But it doesn't help. Actually, it will most likely cause the addicted to shut down and not seek help, even if they know they need it.

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