Expats’ Mental Health Journey

Shannon Miller Expats' Mental Health Journey Drive On Podcast
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Expats' Mental Health Journey

Shannon Miller, an Army wife and mental health expert with a passion for addressing moral injuries misdiagnosed as PTSD, joins us in this episode.

With a wealth of experience in supporting military families, Shannon shares her expertise on the unique challenges they face. From discussing the distinction between PTSD and moral injury to exploring the impact of trauma on military families, she offers invaluable guidance.

Shannon also sheds light on the role of therapy in providing support, coping strategies for stressful situations, and the importance of community in the lives of veterans and their families. Drawing from her own experiences as an American expat living in multiple countries, she delves into the impact of living abroad on mental health and provides practical advice for navigating cultural differences.

Join us as we dive into the complexities of military life and learn how to maximize the unique experiences of military families and expats alike.

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