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Scott DeLuzio

Air Force Veteran Turned Veteran Advocate

Guest: Kim Petters

Kim Petters is an Air Force Veteran, who has turned into a Veteran Advocate after overcoming her own struggles with PTSD. I wanted to have Kim on the show to talk about how she became an advocate for veteran issues.

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A Gold Star Brother on Loss and Legacy

Guest: Chris Weir

Chris Weir is a Gold Star brother, who lost his brother David in Iraq. I wanted to have Chris on the show to discuss what he experienced in losing his brother, and how he eventually made the decision to follow his brother’s path and join the 101st Airborne where his brother previously served.

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A Military Spouse’s Point of View on Parenting and Deployment

Guest: Vicki DeLuzio

In this episode, my wife Vicki brings us some perspective from a military spouse’s point of view. We talk about some of the struggles she went through being a new parent while I was deployed and how she overcame them. She opens up and talks about our relationship when I first got back from deployment…

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Call for Guests

Call for guests is now open! I’m looking for veterans, family members of veterans, and others who have something to share with our audience. You have your own unique experiences and we want to hear from you. Visit https://driveonpodcast.com/guests/ for more information.

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Help Others By Helping Yourself

Transcript Think back to basic training when you learned combat lifesaving skills. Or maybe you learned this later on in your military career. I don’t know when everyone is first introduced to it, or even if all MOS’s are taught these skills. As an infantryman I know we had our first exposure to this medical…

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Dealing With Pain

Dealing with pain, whether it’s from the loss of a loved one, a physical pain, or something else entirely can take it’s toll on us all. In this episode, we dive into some of the benefits that pain can bring. It isn’t all bad, and when we make it through, we usually end up better…

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Veteran Entrepreneurs

Veterans have a lot of skills and qualities that can make for a good entrepreneur. If you’re a veteran and struggling to find a job, you might want to consider the path of entrepreneurship. Running your own business isn’t for everyone – it can be a tough job with long hours and sometimes unpredictable income.…

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Keeping Your Cool by Being Prepared

It’s easy to lose your cool when you aren’t expecting bad things to happen. When something happens unexpectedly, we often times find ourselves in a panic and a rush to make things right again. When we prepare for the worst we often times can avoid the bad situation, or at the very least can weather…

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