Cyber Opportunities for Veterans

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Cyber Opportunities for Veterans

In this episode, we look into the world of Cyber with Steve Stratton, a retired Green Beret who is on a mission to empower veterans to embrace exciting careers in technology. Steve’s journey from his time in the US Army White House Communications and US Secret Service to becoming a Green Beret equipped him with invaluable insights into the skills veterans bring to the table.

With the Cyber industry facing an unprecedented talent shortage, veterans possess a unique combination of decision-making, leadership, and adaptability skills that make them ideal candidates for roles in this evolving field. Steve sheds light on the traits veterans should focus on developing to excel in entry-level and higher positions within Cyber, showing how their military background can be a driving force for success.

Steve also addresses the concerns veterans might have about entering a tech industry without prior experience. He discusses the companies and industries that are eager to train the right candidates, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning in a rapidly changing landscape.

Join us as we uncover the endless opportunities that Cyber presents for veterans and learn from Steve’s expertise on how they can confidently transition from combat to the cutting-edge world of technology.

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