Discussing the Impact of Marijuana Use

Dr. Raymond Wiggins Discussing the Impact of Marijuana Use Drive On Podcast
Drive On Podcast
Discussing the Impact of Marijuana Use

This discussion features Dr. Raymond Wiggins, sharing insights and research on the harms of marijuana use. Despite being an advocate of natural remedies, Dr. Wiggins highlights the destructive impact of marijuana use, particularly the high-potency versions available today. He touches on both medical and legal aspects and underscores the potential health ailments, psychological impacts, and addictive qualities.

With his Christian perspective, he also acknowledges the spiritual effects. The conversation also dives further into the influence of the legalization trend.

  • 00:00 Introduction to the Drive On Podcast
  • 00:22 Preparing for Emergencies with 4Patriots
  • 01:41 Welcome Back to Drive On
  • 01:48 The Unspoken Harms of Marijuana
  • 03:12 Personal Experiences with Marijuana
  • 06:14 The Medical Perspective on Marijuana
  • 14:00 The Legal Implications of Marijuana Use
  • 22:17 The Spiritual Perspective on Marijuana
  • 30:32 The Future of Marijuana Legalization
  • 38:26 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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