Equestrian Therapy for Veterans

Zachary Leyden Equestrian Therapy for Veterans Drive On Podcast
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Equestrian Therapy for Veterans

In this episode of the Drive On Podcast, host Scott DeLuzio engages in a heartening conversation with his guest, Zachary Layden, founder of Oceanview Stables. Zachary details his journey from being a military veteran to finding solace in horses and establishing a career in business training them. He explains how ‘natural horsemanship’ aids veterans to reconnect with themselves while building trust with these highly sensitive animals. Layden also shares an inspiring success story that changed his business course, leading him to offer free rides for veterans. The program aims to offer a therapeutic experience, giving them hope, strength, and purpose while subtly healing their emotional wounds. The discussion also includes insightful tips for veterans interested in getting involved with horses and offers to aid other businesses in building similar veteran-oriented programs.

  • 00:00 Introduction to the Drive On Podcast
  • 00:23 Guest Introduction: Zachary Layden
  • 00:50 Zachary’s Journey from Military to Horse Training
  • 02:52 The Healing Power of Horses
  • 03:34 Sponsored Message: 4Patriots – https://4Patriots.com/DriveOn
  • 04:55 The Struggles of Veterans Post-Service
  • 09:15 The Therapeutic Impact of Horses
  • 10:56 The Role of Horses in Leadership Training
  • 17:52 The Transformative Story of a Veteran
  • 23:41 The Power of Working with Horses
  • 23:59 Challenges and Successes in Managing a Horse Facility
  • 24:49 The Importance of Teamwork in Business
  • 27:30 Advice for Getting Involved with Horses
  • 31:39 The Future of Oceanview Stables
  • 32:38 Supporting Veterans through Horsemanship
  • 36:24 The Impact of Businesses Offering Free Services for Veterans
  • 39:30 Job Opportunities at Oceanview Stables
  • 40:08 Sponsored Message: 4Patriots – https://4Patriots.com/DriveOn
  • 41:28 Is It Service Connected? Segment
  • 46:37 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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